Investigating Accidents and Incidents

Employers are required under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 to maintain safe and healthy workplaces and systems of work. By investigating accidents and incidents it helps prevent these events from reoccurring and helps accomplish a safer workplace for the employee(s). In the unfortunate event that an accident or incident occurs at your workplace, we at James Pettit OHS & Management Services are able to help you. At Webb & Gillard (Management & Safety Services) Pty Ltd we have a team of highly skilled and experienced staff which will be able to help you in investigating the incident and report it accordingly.

When incidents or accidents are thoroughly investigated, it helps locate the root problems within the system of work which contributed to the event. By locating and exploring the root problems it helps prevent the incident or accidents from reoccurring and highlights key problems which caused the event, by fixing the key problems it would help other accidents or incidents from occurring. After the investigation or accident have been investigated Webb & Gillard (Management & Safety Services) Pty Ltd will provide recommendations/key learning points and corrective actions to prevent the event from occurring again.

At Webb & Gillard (Management & Safety Services) Pty Ltd we will assist you with

  • Investigating injuries and incidents;
  • Workers’ compensation management;
  • Providing recommendations/key learning points and corrective actions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Webb & Gillard (Management & Safety Services) Pty Ltd for any questions or queries.

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