Process and Cost Optimisation

What Exactly is a Process?

A process is an organised sequence of activities and associated tasks required to meets goals or objectives. Processes: business, managerial, administrative, human resources, financial, operational, technical, or any other.

Why Improve a Process?

Webb & Gillard (Management & Safety Services) Pty Ltd teams up with your organisation to implement a systematic approach to the task, which is as efficient as possible and also provides some guarantee that a better solution cannot be found.

By focusing on the optimisation and continuous improvement of business processes, organisations can establish a solid competitive advantage by reducing cost, improving quality and efficiency and enabling adaptation to changing requirements. Multi-objective optimisation of business processes can result in novel approaches and more efficient ways of business process improvement.

Webb & Gillard (Management & Safety Services) Pty Ltd skills will help your organisation address the cyclical, ongoing nature of processes continual improvement and updating to changing conditions or constraints in Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ).

These are the four major stages in process improvement and optimisation:

  1. Defining the scope of the process to be analysed, as well as documenting and analysing the
    current state.
  2. Identifying and presenting recommendations on specific trouble areas and designing a road map
    to support improvement implementation
  3. Managing the improvement implementation and subsequent process operation using a clearly
    defined, approved approach
  4. Monitor results and set continual improvement objectives and actions

Webb & Gillard (Management & Safety Services) Pty Ltd has the skills to help you and your team at any of the stages for large or small scopes; from confirming scope relative to potential benefits to be achieved, to set up, to monitoring and continual improvement assessments.

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