Hygiene & Noise Assessments

Hygiene Assessment:

Exposure to occupational hygiene risks can cause serious health problems for employees exposed to them in sufficient quantities, or over an extended period of time. Occupational Hygiene hazards include:

  • Hazardous Substances (e.g. dusts, gases, vapours mists, fumes and bulk materials),
  • Noise and vibration,
  • Lighting,
  • Thermal stress,
  • Biological hazards,
  • Radiation,

WEGEL (WHS & Management Services) can assist in carrying out occupational Hygiene assessments within your workplace to determine the nature and extent of any conditions of a physical, biological or chemical nature that may adversely affect the health, safety and well being of your employees. The information obtained through monitoring will then be used in the development and implementation of control measures for the elimination and or reduction of any hazardous conditions.

Noise Assessment:

Noise is a major workplace health and safety hazard and as part of the legislation and regulations.

WEGEL (WHS & Management Services) can conduct noise assessments within your workplace, this includes assessments on plant and equipment and the overall workplace to identify any noise sources that may be harming to employees as well as exceeding the noise exposure standards.

WEGEL (WHS & Management Services) can assist in the development and implementation of a noise assessment in the workplace in order to:

  • Identify sources of noise
  • Identify employees likely to be exposed to occupational noise
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing hearing protection

By conducting a noise assessment the organisation can then develop a priority assessment for the management of occupational noise within the workplace.

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