Contractor HSE Management

Managing contractor Health, Safety & Environment is often overlooked and can be a challenging space for a project or operation to effectively manage.  Contractor safety at work is the responsibility of your business, so contractors must have a clear understanding of what is required at your place of work.

We will work with you to develop a specific contractor HSE management program that demonstrates due diligence and gives you a practical tool to systematically manage your contractors.

If you already have a contractor safety management process in place, James Pettit (OHS & Management Services) can provide a gap analysis to ensure their current policies and procedures are up to date with current OHS legislation and identify any improvement opportunities.

Services include:

  • Reviews of Contractor’s HSE Management Plans
  • Conduct Contractor’s HSE Management Audits and workplace inspections
  • Develop mentoring and training programs to manage Contractor HSE
  • Conduct Tender HSE prequalification reviews
  • Develop contractor HSE specifications

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